Summer Goals Updates

My summer goals have proceeded nicely. I signed up for a summer reading challenge through my local library. I choose to read 20 books for the summer. What kind of books? Well, the TBT: Books from my Youth written for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge, of course. So, to be fair a number of the books I’ve read so far have been outside from when I actually read them. But I’ll count them because I most certainly would’ve read them had they been around when I was a kid.

Oh, you can check out my 2015 Reading Challenge and wonder about my reading choices. You can add me as a friend over there. Or not. It doesn’t matter and I won’t be offended.

I just finished reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. It is nothing like
John Green‘s The Fault in our Star.

I’m not knocking The Fault in our Stars. Let’s just get that out-of-the-way? I will reread it one day but for now and the mood that I’m in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl fits my mood. Plus, it’s fucking set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am down with that. And Jesse Andrews? Pittsburgh person. I’m also down with that. It’s oh so fun to read about the places that one is very familiar with.

Where was I? Oh, right childhood books.

I am having a blast rereading (and reading) the books I read as a kid. Yes, there have been some missteps in the books I’m getting from the library (Noo! I do not want the abridged version of Anne of Green Gables! I want the real version! But for the most part, I’ve enjoyed reading the books. There are definitely some books that are better than others but I won’t go into it here.


My other goals: doing all the outdoor yoga classes. So far, so good! Last weekend was a bust with all the rain and today was a bust (Fourth of July and all). But there’s still tomorrow and I intend on going. I absolutely forgot how good I feel after taking a class. It makes me happy and the view of the city doesn’t hurt at all! I might even convince my husband to come with me during one class. We’ll see. I told him that it certainly can’t hurt his sciatica. We’ve done a modified version of plank, side plank gluteal stretch and quadruped hip extension. He wasn’t happy doing it yesterday but grudgingly admits that he doesn’t feel as bad today as he did yesterday and the day before.

Also, his therapist suggest that he do some gentle yoga.  I’m all for it.  To the internets to find gentle yoga classes!


The only goal that’s taking a mild hit is the clean-up of the backyard.  My friend and I tackled a lot of it in early June but she hasn’t been back to help (various medical stuff) and no one else in the house is willing (or able) to help me tackle it in the way that it needs to be tackled.  So….yeah, two out of three isn’t bad.  Really.  I’m okay with it. The lawn gets mowed, the container gardens are thriving (thanks constant rain!) and I haven’t seen any poison ivy.  So, you know there’s that.


So how’s your summer going?


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