Brief Sunday Thoughts

And now a brief list of my Sunday.

  • Finally, I did yoga outside and under the sun.  After what feels like weeks of constant rain and coolness – strange for this time of the year and location – the sun came out and warmed us…to the point that our yoga instructor laughingly called it accidental hot yoga.  As usual, I loved it and it was much needed after the past few days.  I tried to go yesterday but you know, there was some sort of holiday/birthday and fireworks…
  • Simple lunch.  I don’t need to go into it.  I mean, really.  Simple lunch.
  • My husband had a Firefly RPG that ended with what essentially was a very intense custody battle between the seemingly (mostly) chaotic good guys and the seemingly neutral evil bad guys.  Though, I’m only basing this on the last half hour of the game.  My husband plays a character where everything is black and white.  He wanted to go in guns blazing and take the child back the child that was his crewmate’s kid. Marcel wanted to try and resolve the situation without violence. Yes, yes, I know. This paragraph probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you know role playing games.*shrugs*LAF and I opted to take a walk to the her new neighborhood coffee shop where I may or may not have picked up some things from the Una Biologicals (I totally did.)
  • I am currently rereading Brian Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  I dearly love this sweet little book. I am amazed by the art in this book.  I have the feeling that the art was first drawn in pencil – it looks like it.  To put that much thought and dedication into the art amazes me.  I should be finishing it within minutes.
  • Dinner.  OH MY GOD.  Dinner was epic.  We may have eaten the baby.  This picture does not do this pie justice.  That is all.

    MMMmmmm pie.
    MMMmmmm pie.

I could go into more detail, but then it wouldn’t be brief, now would it? 😉

Happy Sunday, y’all.


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