Prompts Tuesday: The Yellow Question

I’ll give you a few minutes to reread the responses.


Okay, more after the jump.

Yellow: What is your favorite writing style?

I write fiction.  It’s what I’m most comfortable with.  At the top of the year, I did a series of poetry prompts for the Writing 201 series that WordPress does from time to time.

Poetry is not my thing.

But I did it anyway, because that’s my motto.  (Oh, you don’t want to do it?  Do it anyway. Oh, you’re not comfortable with this thing because you aren’t sure of how to do it?  Do it anyway and know that it’ll be okay when it gets fucked up.  It’s okay.  But, as I am also fond of saying, that is for another day.)

Anyway, I like writing fiction.  If it happens to have an element or two (or three) of something out of the ordinary, then so be it.

But, if I am really, really honest, my favorite writing style is as a diarist.  I’ve got nearly 80 journals, I should consider myself a diarist.  Not that anyone has ever read what I’ve written.  Perhaps, when I am dead and gone I’ll give them to the local library and they can decide what to do with it.

Honestly, I should try writing in different genres, you know, because I think I should.

One day, I’ll dig up one of my old stories and post it.

Yeah, yeah, promises, promises, Charlie.


7 thoughts on “Prompts Tuesday: The Yellow Question

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