Prompts Tuesday: The Blue Question

I’m pretty sure that I forgot to do a prompt last week.

Pretty sure.

Anyway, here are my answers to previous color prompts:


Blue: What is your favorite genre/subject on which to write?

I don’t have a favorite genre or subject which I like to write…okay, that’s a damned dirty lie.  I tend towards supernatural, mystical writing.  If I could master the magical realism genre I’d probably write in nothing but magical realism.  I don’t know what it is about magical realism that intrigues me.  I suppose if I want to get better writing in magical realism then I better damn well do it more often, huh?  Anything I’ve written lately is straight up fiction.  Nothing genre about it.

As for subject, I don’t necessarily have a go-to subject.  Though, I’m pretty sure that family dynamics falls into that subject; as does mother/daughter relationships.

Of course, in my journal, I write epistolary…well, we all do if we have a journal, that’s nothing new.  In journals, goes the things that I will *never* say out loud.  Or the place that documents what’s going on inside my head and outside of it.  Okay, okay, okay, so really that’s what happens with *everyone* who has a journal.



5 thoughts on “Prompts Tuesday: The Blue Question

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