Untitled #20: Randomness and Possible Run-on Sentences

It’s been in the back of mind that I haven’t written a proper post in…well, a long time.  I guess I’m going to try and fix that with an extra long and personal post.

Feel free to skip.  I’m going to verbally vomit all over this post.

I’m so very, very sorry.


Holy frijoles and all that entails.

What in the world happened this month?  (What didn’t happen should be a better question.)

Let’s see.  The 17th we got back from Fallingwater and it was so beautiful.  I have thoughts about it but I’m still processing.  I plan on writing a post about it (she writes hopefully, fool that she is).  That day we went to see Ant-Man – and while not Marvel’s best, it was a fun movie…and it made exactly what Marvel said it would make.  Which if you’re paying attention is between $55 and $58 million.  It made $57 million on the opening weekend.  I think they are okay.  I have thoughts about that movie as well, but like everything else, that’s being processed.

The day after that was another day of outdoor yoga.  Bliss.  I’m really enjoying a having regular class to go to.  This can’t keep up after the summer classes end, but I’ll try my hardest to continue to go.

Unfortunately, that was also the day that was the beginning of a slow march to payday. The summer is slow for my husband’s murder mystery troupe and because of that our finances also slow down.  I mean, it’s no one’s fault.  Who wants to be inside when there’s all this summer to be had?


Oh, yeah.  There was also a party that we attended, the day after.  We actually ended up staying longer than anticipated, which was nice. A friend came back to the city and gave a formal introduction to her husband and their new home (it was cute by the way and in an area of the city that we weren’t familiar with).  You must know that I don’t often go to parties of my volition.  My husband literally has to drag me out of the house to go.  I hate small talk.  It’s absolutely draining on me.  But that’s an introvert for you.  🙂

Sunday though, came in with a vengeance and when I mean vengeance, I mean a cold. WHO GETS A COLD IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER?  This girl, apparently.  We stayed in, while I rested.  I even opted not to go to yoga class that morning, that was how cruddy I felt.  Seriously.  A cold.  Awesome.

Monday, we had lunch with friends visiting.  It’s always nice to see friends in life, instead of online.  We did our best to try and lure them back to our city.  It’s more hopeful once both daughters are past first grade.  We’ll see though.  (Come back, R___ and F____!!!)

Tuesday, before going back to work, I had my annual physical where my doctor was pleased about my tight-fisted control over my Diabetes.  I was impressed that I managed to lose about ten pounds.  She didn’t seem to notice.  Oh, well.  I didn’t know how much weight I lost because I don’t tend to weigh myself…at all.  The only time I do get weighed is when I’m at the doctor’s and while I like my doctor, I don’t want to see her more than three or four times a year.

When I got to work…work was…well, work was work.  I had about three hundred emails to sift through – ten really only had to do with me – and then answer everyone’s questions.  It was like I was gone for three weeks instead of three days.

Oh, the horror!

Tuesday, also, was the day the water heater broke.  Fun times.  Fun times coupled with a dangerous lack of money.  But what are you going to do?  You do what you have to do, you know?  I was very happy that my husband took it better than anticipated.  The guy who replaced the water heater said that there was a lot of sediment in the heater and our gas bill should be lower.

Oh, god, I hope so.

Also, on Tuesday, was my nibling’s 11th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Oh, dear sweet baby Jesus.  I know that I desperately wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese but my parents never brought me.  I NOW KNOW WHY.  I’M SO SORRY.  Anyway, she’s 11.  ELEVEN?!?!?  WHO IN THE WORLD GAVE HER PERMISSION TO TURN ELEVEN?!?!?  She’s going into the sixth grade soon.  SIXTH GRADE.


Soon, she’ll be a teenager.  Help us.  Help us all.

One more thing, before I let you go, we’re probably going for another IVF cycle in September and really if you think about it, September isn’t too far away.

How scary is that?

Summer is halfway done.  Get your outdoor kicks while you can.


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