Saturday Adventures

As always, on Saturday my day started with yoga in the park.

The Cathedral of Learning
The Cathedral of Learning

This is on the campus where I went to college. Not too bad really.


The best part – besides the yoga – was the end where I could savasana under the shade of trees. I may have not closed my eyes, as is custom, but may have stared up at the leaves, without my glasses, and marveled at how blue the sky was, how green the leaves where, and how I loved being under the shade.



This is the big tent at the other end of the lawn. Truth be told, this whole greenery used to be a parking lot. I’m glad they got rid of it…even if it makes finding parking space a completely different kind of bitch.

Anyway, afterwards my husband and I went to lunch at a local diner, which may or may not be part of an effort to gentrify the neighborhood we were in. I mean, she’s kept the diner as is – if making a few improvements (iPad to help with the check process). Also, to be fair, I didn’t know this place existed before so…take it with a grain of salt.

My husband then said, lets check out the Replay FX Arcade and Gaming Festival. I said yes, because we didn’t have any plans until the evening.

The next four pictures don’t do the festival/con any justice. That place was filled with video games and pinball machines. There were some people in costume and while I wanted to take a picture of them, my shyness prevented me from asking them.


How am I ever going to get shots when (and if) we get to San Diego?  Anyway…It was great to see so many kids and parents there having a blast.  If they come back next year, and I hope they do, we’ll be sure to be there.  My husband swears that our city is the “pinball capital of the world.”  It seems highly unlikely and for the seconds of research I did on google, I couldn’t find one single word about the city being dubbed as such.  I saw other cities but not my city.  So, again, take that with a grain of salt.



A Doctor Who pinball machine.  What?!?  Naturally, we had to play.  This is where I found out that I am desperately bad at pinball.  My husband said not to worry, he’s been playing longer.


Crazy fucking Taxi.  Do you know how much time I wasted playing this game on the Sega Dreamcast? This and Tekken Tag. Heh, I should do a post in the future about my gaming habits.



My husband told me that this game is the world’s largest pinball machine.  As you can see from the picture, it was out of commission.  But if you look closely at the balls used, they are the size of a pool ball.  The repair person said you could actually feel the vibrations of the machine if you were playing it.  I believe it.

At the end of the day, we had dinner with a friend who has an unfortunate tendency to flake out on us.  She’s a bit of a workaholic and so we do everything we can to pull her out.  Afterwards, we saw Mr. Holmes.

Excellent movie, wonderful acting (even from the kid!), and may or may not have produced tears from the three of us.


Anyway, I hope your Saturday was just as fun and eventual as mine was.

G’night. 🙂


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