Prompts Tuesday: The Indigo Question


indigo: What do you think is the greatest flaw in your writing?

There’s a damn reason why the blog is “Untitled, Unfinished.”

There’s no excuses. I get distracted easily by what’s on my computer. It’s reading usually, not that I ever feel like I’m missing out on something. I’m an introvert. I carefully choose which events and people I want to go and hang out with.  Seeing pictures of others having a good time won’t make me sad or jealous.  It makes me happy.  Seriously.  Yes, I know, that sounds trite, but whatever.


Distracted myself, did I?  See, I told you that I was easily distracted.

Also, I tend to get bogged down in researching what interests me and once the interest wanes, so does a particular writing project.  I did better when I was in college – I had someone that I needed to be accountable to, you know?

I need to get the writing group back together.  It was just a group of like-minded people who needed to be around others in order to write.  And write we did.

Anyway, writing about my flaws makes me a little sad.  Perhaps, I’ll try to get to writing more often.


8 thoughts on “Prompts Tuesday: The Indigo Question

  1. Yes, do get the writing group back working, if that’s what you need to give you the impetus. Or fix a deadline with yourself for a particular idea you want to work on. Or find a writing buddy online. It all depends how able you are to put up with not getting the writing done that you’d like…

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