Customer Service

I just finished this article about the best customer service stories on Mental_Floss. Some of them sound too good to be true and that’s fine but it got me thinking about customer service in general.

I work in an industry where the customer is in some sort of crisis, it is my job (whether I’m picking up the phone or greeting someone at the door) to be as pleasant and helpful as possible. They are at a very low point in their lives and have just decided to claw their way back up. It is not my job to be nasty, belittle, or be apathetic.

When I go out I try to be as pleasant to the person waiting on me as I can be. If the other person is rude or nasty to me, I will remain polite and hope their day gets better.

I dug up these rules to good customer service and one of them that stuck out to me was this one:

7. Know how to apologize.

I’m pretty sure that everyone should know how to apologize. If there is someone on the line and they’ve asked me a question that I just don’t know the answer to, I will apologize and get someone on the line who knows what they are talking about.

Okay, where the f’ck am I going with this?

Can I just end it with a please be nice to everyone even if they are having a shit day? Yeah, let’s just end it with that.


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