1995 was a minute ago.

I may not have attended my 20 year reunion but this person will *and* recounts some interesting things from 1995 that I completely (willingly or unwilllingly) forgot.

Eleventh Stack

mixtape-300x190 My high school reunion is this month: 20 years! I didn’t mind high school (except for the actual showing up part) and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks to social media, I can’t show up and pretend I invented Post-It Notes or own a private jet. And I don’t have time to get a facelift, lose 20 pounds or become a doctor. Otherwise it’s made me nostalgic: for things like mix tapes and flowery slip dresses with Doc Martens, flannel shirts and passing notes and a time when you could act like a total maniac and not have it recorded and posted. (Alas, I’d be unemployable.) 1995 was interesting. The OJ Simpson trial. The Oklahoma City Bombing. The MLB strike ended. The last episode of Full House aired. The Grateful Dead broke up. Amazon and Yahoo started. Remember Microsoft Bob? How about AltaVista? Raise your…

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