TBT: College Jobs and Music

I had my first job when I was in college.  My parents wouldn’t let me get a job while I was in high school, they said it would interfere with my studies.  My parents lived 4 and a half hours away from me.  They could tell me what I should do, but I often took that as “suggestions.”  But, as always, another story, another time.

My job was to shuffle books from one library to another across the campus which included the main, law, medical, public health, public administration, Latin Studies, engineering, music, fine arts, and the smaller collections (including the Stephen Foster collection).

I *loved* this job.  I loved this job so hard.

I wasn’t in an office for long periods of time.  I was out walking the campus, end to end.  Just me and the books I was lugging around.  I also had my discman with me because you know, 90’s kid.  Honestly, I miss my walkman more than my discman and woe unto the world if Hamish ever bites the dust.  (Don’t bite the dust, Hamish.  My working world revolves around you keeping my sanity in check.)

I worked in four-hour shifts.  The first two hours would consist of me walking all over campus and the second half had me shelving books.  God, I hate shelving books. Useless seeming, but ultimately necessary.  I’d shelve a cart full of books only to find three more taking its place when I got back to the main office.  Over and over and over again, shelving books.

Have you guys ever read The Mysteries of Pittsburgh?  Awesome book, I can’t say much about the movie because I never saw it.  I could go into what one of the stars said about my favorite city but I have no want to give her press, no matter how tiny it is.


Anyway, read how Michael Chabon describes Hillman Library (which I can’t remember if he actually gave it the proper name or not) but it’s very much like the library where I worked.  I miss that job.  I mean, I don’t get me wrong.  I love my current job and the benefits!  I love having benefits!  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays for one glorious school year I was a courier.  I don’t know why I stopped being a courier.  Perhaps, I wanted something else?  Perhaps, I got too tired?  I have no idea.

The playlist at the end may be labeled “2003” but I can bet you, that I created a mixtape of this five to six years earlier.  Anyway, enjoy.


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