55 Fridays: History of Language

The Prompt

I may have taken some *vast* liberties with it.


Oh, and it’s longer than 55 words, naturally; it’s about double.

History of Language

They say that the third time’s the charm.
I’d like to find this person and show them what’s what.
Because buddy, I’ve been trying longer than three times and I can tell you,
that nothing is happening.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, please.
It’s not for lack of trying.
I’ve tried every which way possible to get this done.
And nothing has happened.

I’ve tried different positions.
Different grips.
Different times of day.
Wet. Dry. A thin little barrier.

I’ve even tried begging.
And I can tell you how humiliating that was.
But nothing worked.
I will just have to give up and ask my husband for help to get this jar open.


I could not stop myself.  I’m sorry. 🙂  I saw the prompt come across my email and the words just jumped out of me.


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