Prompts Tuesday: The Pink Question


Pink: What attracts you to writing in general? Why do you love it?

I’ve always loved to write. See this post for a small taste.

The whole process of creating is very heady.  It’s a weird form of wish fulfillment and playing god. Here you have these characters, these situations, these worlds, that you’ve created and you’re literally putting words in their mouths.  I often feel guilty if I leave my characters alone for awhile.  (When’s she coming back?  There’s so much tension here!  I can’t stand it!) They take on a life of their own and suddenly I am not in control of the situation anymore.  Sometimes, this works out. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

In my journals, I love to recount the day to day mundane, including my thoughts (which I can tell you is boring), gossip (because I have to gossip to someone, and ephemera (including ticket stubs, interesting advertisements, things that caught my eye, and doodles).  It acts like my pensieve.  [Side note #1:  I wish there was such a thing as a pensieve.  It would make my life a touch bit easier.]

When I first met my husband and told him that I had a journal he called it self-mastabatory.  I suppose it is, but most of the time it’s the holder of the things that I can’t say, won’t say, or is too damn stupid to say.  Very rarely is it actually self-mastabatory.  Plus?  Writing in general is therapeutic.  No matter if I am writing a blog post, in my journal, a fiction piece or that very rare elusive creature – the non-fiction piece.


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