Prompts Tuesday: The Black Question

Lots of writing to get to today.

  1. Prompts
  2. A short story (or an attempt anyway)
  3. Finishing an article and submit it.

But first the prompt.


Black: Your dreams: be published, critical success, what?

Can’t I do *all* of this?  I mean, isn’t that really the dream of a writer – at least in the beginning of one’s career – to be published; to be a critical success; to be loved by the masses; to make enough money to live comfortably?

But, of course, we all know that this isn’t the case.  Not everyone can be a success – critical or not.  Not everyone can be published – though with self-publishing, more and more people are doing it themselves.  Sometimes, it’s a a huge suck of one’s energy to just let someone else see what you’re writing.

I greatly admire those people who let others see what they are writing, unpolished. For me, well, I am my own worst enemy.  Fear holds me back, unfortunately.  My personal motto just doesn’t cut it when my writing life is called into question. That’s my soul you are talking about.

(Really, I’ve had too many people read my journals and make fun of what I wrote. So, you know…just fuck off and no.  Trust issues apparent.)

I’m trying to write more for public consumption (hence the reignition of a blog) and I’ve started to do some freelancing on the side.  It’s fluff and semi-corporate pieces but it’s stuff that others will see and I get paid to do.  So, yeah.

I’m never going to be that critical success that everyone loves but if I could at least start publishing pieces then maybe, just maybe I could gather up the courage and do something bigger.

Okay, writing task #1 finished.  Let’s see what the story prompt is for today…


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