StADa Sept 2015: The Disappeared


As I wrote here, I tried to keep today’s prompt light-hearted, even though my brain and heart wanted to make it dark. Anyway, here’s today’s prompt.

Oh, every day this month, I’ll be trying to write a short story. Which is will be a herculean effort for me. Wish me luck.

Details can be found here.

Anyway, today’s crappy story is below.

The Disappeared

“I don’t know where everyone’s gone,” Susan groused to her best friend over the phone. “It’s like they literally disappear right from under my nose!”

“Maybe they’re trying to trick you?” Sally said, her voice bored. Her eyes tracked the movement going on in the room.

“Maybe, but I doubt it,” Susan replied, snapping her gum into Sally’s ear.

“You should go look for them,” Sally said, wincing at the sound. She made a face.

Susan just shrugged.

“Did you shrug? We’re on the phone, dipshit, I can’t see what you’re doing,” Sally said, exasperated and flopped back into the chair.

“Sorry,” Susan said. “I mean, I suppose I could just go look for them but then what? It’s not like they’re going to tell me where they disappeared to. I’m not exactly their favorite child. That honor belongs to the Mouse.”

Sally cracked a smile, knowing that Susan couldn’t see her. She crossed her eyes, also relishing the fact that they were not in the same vicinity. Sally bit her cheek to keep from laughing at the antics going on around her.

“Where are you?” Susan suddenly said.

“I”m at home,” Sally said, trying to think fast.

“Oh, I’ll come over,” Susan said. “I’m bored out of my mind.”

“No, no, no!” Sally quickly said, waving her hands around.

“What? Why? You just said that you were at home,” Susan said petulantly.

“Oh, well, my mom’s dragging me out the door and I need go,” Sally said, her eyes frantic, her arms making waving motions.

“What are you doing?” Susan asked suspicious.


“You’re acting strangely,” she said. “Plus, I’m narrowing my eyes at you.”
“Yeah? Well, I’m rolling my eyes at you back,” Sally said.

Silence reigned for two minutes before Susan said, “Fine, I won’t come over.”

“Fine,” Sally replied.

“I’m going to go then.”



“Whatever, bye.”

Sally sighed as she hung up the phone. “You guys have *got* to speed it up. Susan’s getting suspicious about where y’all went to,” she said to Susan’s family. “How am I supposed to keep her occupied while her family disappears on her?”

Susan’s mom blew a stray lock of hair out of her face. “Thanks for keeping her occupied, honey,” she said. “Susan will get over whatever drama she’s having when she realizes that we disappeared to get ready for her surprise party. Now, we need more balloons. Go get some please.”



10 thoughts on “StADa Sept 2015: The Disappeared

  1. Clever use of the prompt for today. I think it’s easy to go dark on this one, and it’s nice to see someone take a lighthearted perspective. With so many people disappearing today, it’s good to see that your characters have simply relocated 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I had several drafts were it went super dark super fast. Since, I am challenging myself i decided to be lighter about it. I can’t make any promises for the next prompt but I’ll try!


  2. Chris Stolle

    I really enjoyed this. I think you could perhaps make that next-to-last paragraph a little clearer. I mean, I understand it on a second or third reading. But maybe split a sentence or two into three or four sentences. Also, “Susan” and “Sally” seem too similar for me to easily keep track of who is who. I can’t tell you the number of TV shows where a little-used character will show up in a critical scene in that show and that person will have the same name as a victim or a main character or someone else. Distinct names can result in distinct characters and better impressions in readers’ minds.

    Liked by 1 person

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