StADA September 2015: The Pickpocket

The Prompt

Just a quick word, before I try today’s prompt. I’m going to try my hardest to write outside my comfort zone. Yesterday’s story was begging me to go dark with it. I chose to keep it as light as I could. Today’s prompt, which I haven’t read, I’ll try to go in a different direction – one that I haven’t determined yet. One other thing, what you see is what you get. It’s unpolished, unvarnished, and most important unedited. I suspect that later down the line we will be asked to rewrite one of the stories generated from this month. But until that happens, what I write is what my brain decided to vomit on the blank screen.

Now, shut up Charlie and get to writing.

The Pickpocket

He first thought of the day was “he needed to keep his fingers nimble and light.” His second thought of the day was “I need, no would like to keep this respectable job.” Of course, his third thought of the day was, “Fuck it. I can still do both.” Smiling, Ambrož lept out of bed and began his day.

In between tasks at work, he planned where his perfect heist was going to take place. In between meetings with colleagues he drew up the plan of said perfect heist. In between the time he woke up to the time he went to bed Ambrož concocted the perfect, no fail plan to keep him nimble and boredom free. Because let’s face it, he thought, the only reason why pickpockets, thieves, and conmen go back and get another job is because they are bored with their lives.

The next day before work, he went into his local coffee shop to think about the perfect day and time to pull off this particular heist and what he would do with the loot once he stole it. He sat thinking hard beside the window that he barely noticed the slight draft. When he finished his coffee and croissant, he stood up, stretching. He glanced around the shop, noting that no one else was there. Ambrož smirked slightly before putting on his coat.

He checked for his keys, phone, wallet, and notebook. But his notebook was not there. With a frown, he checked his satchel but did not find the little black notebook. His frown deepened and on a hunch, he pulled out his wallet. His money, credit cards, and id were still in place but tucked neatly between the bills was a small note.

Ambrož pulled out the note and read it. He stood there still for a moment before he smiled. Looks like I have a slight change in plans, he thought and stepped out of the coffee shop and waved to seemingly no one in particular.


Message received. Lily smiled and watched Ambrož walk away.


I like where my brain is going with this story.  I know, it’s just a taste but I think I can spin it into something more.  This will definitely be one that I will come back to. By the way, Ambrož was named Alessandro in the beginning but Ambrož seemed like a better name for my sneaky, apparently European thief.


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