StaDA September 2015: Lost in a Maze

The prompt

I’m pretty sure I can build upon yesterday’s prompt. Well, of a sort anyway. When I mean “build upon” I think actually mean flashback.

Oh, and I gave the prompt a bit of a spin to suit my needs. Oh, more thing. This is Ambrož’s past. It’s not pretty. I’m sorry.


Lost in a Maze

The streets were the kind that only the locals knew and could maneuver easily. They were not for tourists or for scared little children…much like the children that were unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the night. Ambrož held himself back away from the others, eyes scanning continuously. Their instructions were crystal clear: get out and back to the van by dawn or be left to die alone here in unfamiliar territory. He quietly slipped away from the others, who were still terrified and crying not knowing what was happening.

Ambrož, unfortunately, knew that they didn’t have enough time for all of them to escape. The best option for them was to hope that some kindly person would find and take care of them. He didn’t think their chances were all too great. Keeping one hand on the walls, he began walking towards what he thought was the sound of water. He guessed that if he could find the source of water, he could have a slight chance of making it out alive.

His thoughts briefly came back to his parents, long dead and far away from him. Would they have been able to protect him from the horrors of his young life? He guessed not, they were barely living by the time Ambrož came into their lives. It was almost a blessing when he was whisked away by his drunken relatives, leaving his parents to freeze to death. Ambrož blinked, to his left he heard the loud breath of something powerful. Ambrož swallowed his fear, trying to convince himself that the red eyes that were following him was just his imagination and nothing else. His hand that was on the wall trembled as he heard footsteps behind him. Ambrož picked up his pace listening hard for the sound of water.  He glanced up at the sky trying to decide how much time he had left.  

Not too much.  Not too much.

Ambrož took a deep breath and continued on his journey to leave.  The breathing behind him grew heavier, he swore he could hear the creature’s presence behind him.  Ambrož gulped and turned around but there was nothing there behind him. Only his imagination playing tricks on him.  On and on he went through the twisty narrow streets of the unnamed city.  He lost his footing several times, stumbling on his knees until they were raw and bleeding.  Ambrož could hear the beginnings of life returning to the city and he knew that he only had minutes before he was lost forever.  He could feel the city start to close in on him, making his breathing come in gasps.  The passageways seemed to grow hands, reaching for him, catching his clothing, arms, and legs.  Ambrož wanted to scream.  Was he waging a battle for his life against all too human beings or something else entirely?  He was scared, tired, and hungry.  He bit his lip to stop from crying out as something caught the back of his shirt.

Ambrož broke free and he turned a corner.  The horrors of the passing night seemed to melt away as he caught sight of the van and one very bored looking driver.  He caught sight of the boy and surprised caused his jaw to drop.

“I didn’t think anyone was coming out of there!”

Ambrož staggered towards the van and fell into a heap in one of the seats and as he sat dazed, he heard the driver give another exclamation of surprise.  

“Two for the price of one.  Well, the Boss will be very thrilled by this.  Excellent.  Come on, then.  Get in.  The sun is up and we have a long journey ahead of us.”

Ambrož turned his head towards the other child but didn’t catch a glimpse.  He shrugged and finally went to sleep.


Oh, brain.  So many things swirling around and not enough time.  🙂

Oh!!!  I’ve also realized that it’s Thursday.  So…consider this a throwback Thursday for Ambrož and not for me.  🙂


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