StaDA September 2015: Window

Today’s prompt had me a little stumped. I mean, I did what I could, but I just did not have it in me today. So, I’m using it as a bit of world and character building because it’s no story or drabble or anything really.

Ambrož woke up the next day, still thrumming with nervous energy. While his plans were lifted the day before, he still had his memory to rely on. But the letter writer intrigued him and instead of scrapping the plans, Ambrož decided to meet the mysterious letter writer and get some information out of the person.

He briefly wondered if he ran into the mysterious letter writer in his previous life. Most likely, his brain supplied. He grimaced slightly at the thought and pushed it away. But the thought was still bothering him the next day as he stood at his window watching the proceedings outside.

The community leaders and a few passionate people were protesting the gentrification of the neighborhood. They were greatly unhappy with the construction and were trying to raise community awareness.

Ambrož sighed and shook his head. Maybe he would lend his support. But unfortunately, it wasn’t today.


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