StaDA September 2015: Dark, Gloomy Forest

I’m sorry that today’s prompt was late today. My husband and I were driving from our house to my parents house. It takes about four and a half hours, four if I’m speeding.

Anyway, this prompt fits right back into Ambrož’s backstory. This, of course, may not end up in the finished product but hey. It’s world building. I don’t have a name yet for the protagonist but I made a small list in my journal….so, eventually, he’ll have a name.

Ambrož dreamed that night. After his meeting with the mysterious Lily and his old teammate ______, his dreams were troubled and haunting. Tossing and turning, he dreamed of his old nightmare. It seemed that this particular dream was to follow him wherever he went.

He was a young boy again, freshly plucked from his family’s home, scared and alone. Ambrož tried to run away from his captors only to find himself in an old dense forest filled with slimy moss covered, drooping trees that blocked the sunlight from high above; a cold, hard ground that barely had any grass to speak of; and animals that seemed to watch his every move, even if he couldn’t see them.

Ambrož suspected that this forest was once beautiful and lush but now felt evil, almost sentient. He walked gingerly into the forest, away from where he was being held. But with each step Ambrož took, the more he wanted to turn around and face whatever horror he was in for. He almost wished he was back in the dark city center.


He took a few steps before looking back. He saw nothing of the place behind him. Ambrož frowned and shrugged before turning back to the forest. He took a few more steps before he started hearing strange sounds all around him. The hairs on the back of his neck rose sharply but when he turned around he could see nothing out of the ordinary.

But even that was strange.

What should have been tiny pinpricks of light from his captors’ house, he saw nothing but deep darkness. Ambrož was staring into some sort of deep abyss. He shivered, wishing he stole one of the thick coats he saw hanging near the door.

Movement caught his eye. Ambrož whirled around to see it but saw nothing but trees. He gulped and continued walking. Every few steps, he heard the familiar creaking of old, worn wood. Ambrož didn’t bother to turn around. He was being followed. Going further and further into the forest, the trees closed in on him. Soon, branches scratched his arms and legs, drawing blood. Something in the distance howled. Ambrož gasped as another branch caught him, this time right between the eyes.

He went flying backwards, landing hard on his back. Ambrož saw stars briefly before darkness took him.

Later, when he was back in his captors house, a small hand wiped the blood out of his eyes.

“You shouldn’t go into the woods without protection,” a small voice said. Ambrož turned his head but didn’t catch the face. “Go to sleep. They didn’t know you were gone.”


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