StaDA September 2015: Abandoned

The Prompt

Poor unnamed protagonist. I haven’t found the proper name for you yet, but I promise that I will.

Ambrož and Lily drove in silence for the rest of the way.  After their argument they were too tired to do anything else but concentrate on the drive to the location.  Ambrož kept his hands on the steering wheel and barely glanced at his companion but he knew that she was stealing glances at him every so often.  She looked ready to cry but Ambrož was not ready to accept any apologies or make meaningless small talk.  

Instead, Ambrož went over the information that ______ gave them about the mark he choose for them.  According to ______ the mark was wealthy, athletic, widowed, and intelligent.  Sounds like _______ is in love with him, Ambrož thought savagely.  Don’t be such as ass.  Ambrož sighed.  It may have been ten years ago, but ______ always knew how to get under his skin.  Forgive Lily, he thought.  Shut up conscience.  

Lily sighed beside him, her shoulder slumped in defeat.  

“Stop that,” he snapped.

“Stop what,” Lily said, tired.  She didn’t bother to look at him, instead choosing to focus her attention on the passing scenery.

Ambrož didn’t reply, instead tightening his hands on the wheel and keeping his eyes on the road.

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “I didn’t mean to upset you.  I just thought you should know.”

Ambrož didn’t say anything.  “You should get some sleep,” he finally said.  “It might be some time before we get there,” he added softer.  Lily nodded and closed her eyes.  Ambrož continued driving, chewing on what she told him.


When they finally arrived at what was to serve as their headquarters, Ambrož couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  It was the grandest, terrifyingly hotels he had ever seen.  

“It’s like I’m staring at the real life Overlook Hotel, only we aren’t in Colorado” he muttered half awed, half panicked.  

“Are we there?”  Lily asked, rubbing her eyes.  

Ambrož didn’t answer her.  Instead, he pointed at the structure in front of them.

Oh mein Gott. Was in den neun Stufen der Teufel ist das?” she said.  (Oh my god.  What in the nine levels of hell is this?)

Ambrož chuckled mirthlessly and said, “Ne vem . Ampak mislim, da bomo izvedeli, kaj _____ naju v .”  (I don’t know.  But I suppose we’re going to find out what ____ got us into.)

The hotel, rumored to be the abandoned Diplomat Hotel, was sitting in a thick overgrown patch of woods.  Low hanging trees covered the top floor of the old hotel lending it a gloomy yet strangely romantic air.  Ambrož briefly flashed back to his nightmare, thinking of the trees that reached for him.  He blinked and they were gone replaced by the decaying beauty of the Hotel.  Birds swooped through the sky towards the hotel before climbing back into the inky blue sky.  No sounds penetrated the almost holy air of the hotel.  Ambrož found Lily’s hand was clutching his arm as they stared at the deteriorating hotel.  He patted her hand gently, briefly wondering what she was thinking.  The grounds around the hotel were unruly and wild.  No light shown anywhere in the building and it was rapidly getting darker.

“What do we do?”  Lily asked.  “We can’t possibly go in there.”

“That’s where _____ directed us to go,” Ambrož answered.  “And you know how….testy he gets if people don’t show up on time.”

Lily sighed.  “I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“Neither do I,” Ambrož answered and got out of the car.


So, apparently, Ambrož is Slovenian and Lily might be German.  Awesome.  Two languages that I have *no* comprehension in.  English is tough enough for me on some days.  Thanks Ambrož and Lily.  Thanks enough.  Oh, hey, unnamed Protagonist, could you be, I don’t know American?  I can handle American.


Oh, one more thing.  Thanks Google Translate.


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