StaDA September 2015: Tension Tuesday

This day.

God, this day.  Just take it and leave me alone already.  Okay?  Okay.


The prompt

“Hello,” Ambrož said.

“Hello,” the young woman said, looking up.  She eyed him at a leisurely pace and smiled at him.  

Ambrož was suddenly nervous, his usual self-confidence at a lose.


“No, should I be?”

The woman smiled, uncrossing her legs.  “Do you want to sit down or are we both going to have to stand up?”

Ambrož sat down and looked at the woman closer.  She seemed familiar.  “Do you have it?”

“Of course.”

“May I see it?”

“No,” she said simply.

Ambrož sighed.  Well, it was a good thought.  “What do you want from me?”

She smiled wider.  “Ah, no flirations?  No sly exchange back and forth?”

“Are we not doing that now?”

She laughed.  “I suppose.  However, I heard great things about you.”

Ambrož narrowed his eyes at her.  “How do I know you?” he asked, his tone taking a sudden edge.

“You’ve known me for a while, Ambrož dear.  Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the game.  Refresh my memory, I seem to have forgotten such a face.”  

The woman smiled.  “Yes, I suppose we were both very young when we were dropped in that maze.”

Ambrož blinked at her.  “Ah, yes.  It was a long time ago and we were both very different people.  This does not answer my real question, however.  What do you want from me?”

“Well, I only want to work with the great Ambrož.”

“No, there’s something else and most likely someone else,” Ambrož said coolly.  The woman’s smile slipped ever so slightly before picking back up.  This time her smile did not reach her eyes.  Ah, hit a nerve did I?  He let the tension hang in the air before standing up.  “Well, if we have nothing further to discuss, you may keep my plans.  Good luck, mademoiselle.”  

He wasn’t two steps away from the table before she grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her.  “What if I could offer you the revenge you never had?”


I wasn’t feeling it today.  But I pushed through it.  I don’t think it was as tense as I could make it, but unfortunately for me there were other things going on that required my attention and some of those things were tense. I just didn’t want any more tension – real or imaginary.


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