StaDA September 2015: The Disappeared (take two)

I needed to rewrite the September 1 prompt for Story a Day, 2015.  Not exactly my best work, but hey, it’s 11:20 pm.  I’m waiting for Stephen Colbert and I’m sleepy.

The prompt

“Now, where did I put it?  I couldn’t have misplaced it!  I just put it in my bag!” Lily said, placing her satchel on the table.  Her hair was messy and her glasses askew; a perfect mark, if one were paying attention and Jonathon was paying attention.

“Can I help you with something?” he asked friendly and polite.  Jonathon had dark brown hair, glasses, and was dressed like everyone else – khakis and a white-button down shirt.  

Lily laughed, her hair falling out of her bun.  “Oh, don’t mind me.  I just misplaced something,” she said and mumbled something else.

“Oh, maybe I can help?”

Lily laughed again.  “Well, maybe.  I think I misplaced my agenda and it’s practically my life!”

Jonathon smiled.  “Well, maybe, you should empty your bag.”

“I just might do that,” she said and started emptying her purse.  Lily took everything out of her bag and started placing them neatly on the table. Johnathon watched her intently and noted where her wallet was on the table.  

Lily was distracted by something to her left.  Jonathon took his chance and slipped the wallet into his pocket.  

“Oh, look!  There it is!”  Lily said, holding up her agenda.  “How silly of me.”  She turned to Jonathon.  “Thanks so much for your help,” she said and hugged him.  She put all her things back into her satchel and glancing up at the clock took off running.  “I’m late!  Thanks for your help again!”  She said, breathless, before disappearing into the crowd.

Jonathon smiled and waved.  He walked around the corner and pulled out the lifted wallet.  He opened it but found nothing; nothing but a simple note: Thank you, sweetie. Realization dawned on him.  He searched for his own wallet and phone but found nothing.  


*shrugs*  No Ambrož.  Just Lily.  And Lily knows how to pick-a-pocket with the best of them.


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