Writing 101: Write a List

I can write a list.

I can write a f’ing list.

I love lists.

Let me count the ways.  🙂

Writing a list

Things I Like and Love

  1. my husband
  2. writing
  3. reading
  4. sleeping and napping
  5. 5:30 pm, Friday afternoon
  6. the smell of books
  7. new pens
  8. my cats, no matter how much they anger me
  9. new writing projects and ideas
  10. my house, no matter how rundown and messy it is
  11. cool weather and being able to sleep with the windows wide open
  12. podcasts
  13. neatness
  14. freshly sharpened pencils
  15. music
  16. new and old journals
  17. biking, yoga, and walking
  18. my bed
  19. food
  20. finishing writing projects


There you go.  My list.



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