StaDA September 2015: Reader Response

I was very much not feeling the prompt today. But I slogged through it as much as I could before just saying screw it and post it up.

So, screw it. I’m posting it up.

Lily was not sure if Ambrož knew that she was watching him.  She suspected that he did not care.  He was charming to all, but warm and kind to those he thought genuine and real.  To the people he thought otherwise, Ambrož was still charming but lifted several things off their person only to deposit them on others who needed it.  A Robin Hood of sorts, she thought and bit back a wry smile.  It will get him killed one day.  

She watched as he laughed and flirted among the elite, making everyone comfortable around him.  From her vantage point, she saw him lift at least six wallets, two bracelets, and three tokens of some value from those unsuspecting.  


I’m going to have to give Lily some serious thought.  Perhaps, tomorrow at my next Writergirls meeting (I didn’t coin the term, LAF did.  I wish I did.)  Anyway, today felt frustrating writing wise.  I won’t go into details because that’s the breaks of a part-time freelance writer.  But jeez, oh man…I wish…well, never mind.

G’night, y’all.


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