StaDA September 2015: The Tunnel

Today’s prompt.

Another short and sweet one.  And perhaps a bit of character development.  But just a bit because I am, still me.

Lily paused at the tunnel entrance, which really was just a brief walkway underneath the main street.  It was well-lit, populated with other busy pedestrians and held colorful, bright murals on the wall.  So unlike the first tunnel she remembered entering, which was close, dark, and so very very dangerous.  While it led her to a different life, the outcome was one that she never anticipated.  Lily learned much about herself during these past few days.  She wasn’t the damaged person that _______ often told her.  But she wasn’t entirely the person that Ambrož thought either.  She saw him at the other end of the tunnel, waiting patiently for her.  He had a small smile on his face, letting her have all the time that she needed.  

Lily knew she was on some sort of precipice of change.  She knew what held her back on this side.  She had little to no idea what lay ahead of her on the other side perhaps with or without Ambrož; the choice, she realized was her’s.  Whatever life she chose on the other side of the tunnel was filled with possibilities.  It was dizzy and heady and took her breath away.  Whatever choice she made, Lily knew that Ambrož was gentleman enough to accept.  

So, with one final deep breath, Lily squared her shoulders and walked through the tunnel to Ambrož who smiled at her.  


I get the distinct feeling that Lily hasn’t had an easy life.  Certainly, less than our charming thief.


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