Writing 101: A Story in a Single Image

Day four prompt

blurry city at night

Ambrož stared out at his apartment at the nightlife outside his window.  He rolled his shoulders, trying to release the pent up tension settled there.  His eyes went blurry as he thought about the meeting with ______.  Damn, I hate that man, he thought bitterly.  What I wouldn’t do to actually get even with him.  He thought more about the mysterious Lily’s words.  

He sighed and knew that he would say yes to Lily’s proposal.  The plans didn’t matter much to him as he thought they might.  But the bitterness he thought long past reared its very ugly head.  Ambrož closed his eyes, wishing for it to all go away. But he knew that it wouldn’t and if he didn’t face his reality, it would just end up coming back.  


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