Writing 101: Inspiration from Social Media


My chosen prompt

Lily never knew her home.  Well, technically none of them did.  Perhaps Ambrož did but he never said anything about his home.   None of them currently had a home.  The Sovereigns (Really, what sort of a name is that?) moved them from place to place, never letting them get comfortable or complacent in one spot.  

Home was not for the likes of them, Grim said.  Seriously, Grim?  Lily did not know if the “likes of them” meant the new recruits or for the whole of the Sovereigns.  She ultimately did not care.  Her survival did not hinge on the name but whether or not she could learn to grift with the best of them.  She wasn’t too bad but soon she would have to employ different tactics to get the money  or whatever objective the Sovereigns set for each recruit.

Each recruit was given a small cot and whatever space under the cot was their space, though this was a loose rule.  Whatever thing you held dear was long taken from you.  Nothing was homey.  Nothing was comfortable.  Nothing was permanent.


Oh, Lily.  Day by day I get to know you.

One day, I’m going to name the antagonist.  I’m also going to give the gang a proper name.  Because really The Sovereigns?


I did everything not to call them the Gentleman Bastards.


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