StaDa September 2015: The Big Job

I struggled mightily with this one.  But then again, yesterday was fraught with stress…so, you know.

The prompt

The Big Job

This wasn’t what Ambrož thought his first big job was going to be.  He didn’t feel ready.  He didn’t feel up for the job.  He wasn’t the right person.  He hadn’t planned enough.  He didn’t have the right people.  Ambrož didn’t have her.  

Ambrož blinked.  Where did that come from?  He hardly knew the girl but yet she seemed to dominate his thoughts.  She was shy, quiet, and reserved…and apparently the best at seducing the mark without having to actually having to follow through.  She quietly said to him that this job didn’t feel right.  Ambrož was beginning to think that she was correct.  But there was something else within this very first job; something that nagged him.  He couldn’t put his finger on it, but Ambrož felt as if he was being tested.  

He didn’t know why or by whom or ultimately if it really mattered.  But he would finish the job, one way or another.  

The job was simply this:  to gain the confidence of the young, impressionable and eager lawyers  of one of New York’s most prestigious law firms and then take the client list for further research into other possible avenues.  It sounded simple enough to Ambrož but something wasn’t right.  It was too easy.  Nothing went wrong.  There were no close calls.  Gaining Charles’ friendship and affection was too easy and Ambrož’s gut was telling him to run.  

But where would he run to?  Who could he trust?  He couldn’t and there was no one to trust.  He had to wait for the other shoe to drop before making his next move.  Until then, this big job turned into a waiting game.


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