StaDA September 2015: Odd Couples

I have no idea what happened to yesterday’s prompt.  It’s a good thing that I made my own.

But on to today’s prompt.

Ambrož knew he was in trouble when he saw Boone among the people Lily was leading him towards.  He groaned inwardly, seething, but kept it in check as he swallowed his anger and turned on the charm.  I cannot believe that he is here.  Of all the people…

Boone was the exact opposite of Ambrož.  Where Ambrož was charming and polished, Boone was not.  Where Boone was slovenly, Ambrož was neat and tidy. While Ambrož was cultured, Boone made no attempt to become sophisticated or polished.  So, when Richard the former leader of the Divine Hand named Boone to replace him instead of Ambrož, everyone was flummoxed.  Dissension flowed through the ranks like a flood.  Boone took a hard approach to the dissatisfaction and made examples of the loudest protesters.

Boone’s brutality left Ambrož speechless.  This was not how the Divine Hand handled itself.  It left him thinking why Richard would leave it to someone like him. Ambrož didn’t necessarily want or need control of the group but leaving it to someone like Boone was dangerous.  He tried to stay and ease things between the members but eventually Ambrož saw the writing on the wall and quietly left the Divine Hand.  He  wished everyone luck and went to seek out Richard and ask him some questions.


So…now my antagonist is named Boone?  Okay, I guess I can live with it.


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