StaDA September 2015: Perspective

The prompt for today.

I may be hitting a wall.

Do I care?  No, not really.

Let’s get it on.

Ambrož’s entire head was covered.  He could still breathe but he could not see. He felt vulnerable standing there in the foyer of the grand house but those were his instructions.  To stay there with his head completely covered until someone came and gave him further instructions.  He listened carefully, trying to discern what kind of job this was going to be.  But he could hear and sense nothing.

Finally, after what felt like hours – but was probably only minutes – he felt a gentle hand on his elbow guiding him.  He itched to say something but that wasn’t part of the instructions.  Instead, he did his best to assess the new situation he was in.

The light scent of lavender caught his nose.  Movement came from his left side and as he turned his head.  Instantly, a warm body was pressed against him and a pair of warm lips was pressed against his own. Shocked he did nothing at first, but as the kiss continued Ambrož finally kissed back.


The Lovers


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