Writing 101: The Space to Write

The prompt for today asks about the space where I write.  Well….

Have laptop/journal will travel is my answer.

But if we are going to go ideally, I like writing at a table or a desk….but the desk can’t be facing a wall.  There’s got to be something interesting on the other side but not too interesting.  I have to be to concentrate after all.

To that end, I must, must, must have my iPod or music with me and that music should ideally be in another language, an instrumental or white noise.  I have a playlist for this month.  It is below, if you’d like to look at it.

My writing habits…well, I write in the evenings mostly.  But sometimes, a spurt will happen here and there throughout the day.  A bit annoying because I’m trying to get other things done, you know?

Anyway, this prompt asked me to insert a poll at the end asking for ideas on what to write.  Er…okay. I suppose I can do that.

Okay, look.  If you have a suggestion, please let me know.  I’m all ears…er…eyes.


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