StaDA September 2015: A Blind Date

the prompt

13:09 pm:  Hey!  I’m almost there!  What about you?

13:11 pm:  I just pulled up myself.  How long do you think you’ll be?

13:12 pm:  Oh, no more than a few minutes.

13:13 pm:  Great!  I’ll be sitting at the back.  I’m wearing a black fedora with a white button down and a green tie.

13:14 pm:  Sounds nice!  I’ll be right there.  I’m in the purple dress.

He put his mobile down and waited anxiously for Alexandria to show up.  They texted, emailed, and instant messaged each for the better part of three months before they were in the same place at the same time.  He looked on Alexandria’s page so he knew basically what she looked like but he knew better than most that the pictures people posted were never really true to life.  He fidgeted some more before a waiter came over to ask him what he would like to order.  After doing that, he glanced at his phone again.  13:30 pm.  Now, she was running late.  He began to sweat.


13:30 pm:  Sorry, I just parked the car.

13:30 pm:  It’s okay.  I ordered some drinks for us.

He set the phone back down again and adjusted his tie for what seemed to be the thousandth time.  What if she didn’t like him?  What if he couldn’t speak?  What if they really had nothing in common?  He wanted to vomit.  He needed to stop this catastrophic thinking or else he’d run out of the restaurant screaming bloody murder and Alexandria would never speak to him again.

He glanced up just as Alexandria walked in.  He swallowed, smiled, and stood up.



Yes, I *did* just end it before the actual meeting.  How terrible of me.  And lo and behold nothing to do with my Lily or Ambrož.  Maybe.  😉


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