Today is Shit. Tomorrow Should be Better.

[Spoilers:  I curse.]

Today is complete and utter fucking shit.

I have a meeting that lasted four hours long.  FOUR HOURS.  You know what happens about the first hour?  Everyone starts drifting and fidgeting.  Look, I know *why* it was needed, I truly do.  But for this girl?  This girl will be hearing some sort of variation on the theme another two times.  Tomorrow during *another* four hour meeting and then again next month at the board meeting.

Oh, life.

Then, two of the articles I’m working on got sent back to me for revisions.  Okay, fine.  I get that.  You need revisions, I can do revisions.  But after today’s meeting? My mind is useless.

I am useless.

I should just go to bed.

I’ll catch up with my fun writing tomorrow.

My apologies, Lily and Ambrož but you most likely will go through drastic changes soon.  It feels inauthentic to write about characters in another culture when I have no experience of said cultures.  It’s actually something that I’ve been wrestling with for some time now.  Both of my main characters seem to be Eastern European.  I’ve got no knowledge therefore, I feel like a fraud.

But then again, it could all be impostor syndrome and I should shut the fuck up about it and let my characters be whatever, whomever they damn well please.




I need a reset.

G’night y’all.


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