StaDA September 2015: The Invisible Children

the prompt

Lily, Boone, you’re up.

“Only two this time around, huh?”  Lily didn’t know who these people were or why they had taken them.  Her tummy wouldn’t stop twisting itself into knots.  If she didn’t stop, she would most likely throw up.  Lily swallowed hard and made herself as small as possible.

“Better than nothing, actually,” this one was sitting in a chair with his feet propped up on the dirty table.  They – the strange men and the three kids – were all in a dirty hovel…somewhere.  If she listened hard, she could hear waterfalls in the distance.

“We got three, not two you morons,” a third voice said, dragging in another boy, this one smaller than the one she came with and dirtier.  His dark blond hair was a mess and covered his eyes.  He looked up, barring his teeth and growling.

“What?  Is he feral or something?”

“No, stupid.  Just an orphan.  Like those other two,” he said pointing at them.

Lily cringed.  She wasn’t an orphan.  She had a family.  They loved her.  They were waiting for her to come back.  They…

A loud slam, brought Lily back to reality.  She stared wide-eyed at scene in front of her.  One of the men was holding his arm and cursing at the child who was now flailing and snarling for all his worth.  Lily felt a presence at her side and turned her head to find the other little boy beside her.  He too was staring at the scene, wide-eyed and scared.  Lily wanted to cry.  She wanted to vomit and runaway.  She wanted her mommy.

No one paid them any attention as they stood close to each other.  She wished she could help the other little boy, but she didn’t know how.

“Is this how we’re supposed to act, gentlemen,” a calm voice asked from up above.  All noise and movement came to a halt as they looked up at the voice.

“He bit me!”

“Did you provoke him?

The other man merely shook his head.

They heard a sigh and then a footsteps as the voice came down the stairs.  At the bottom, Lily saw that the voice belonged to an elderly man dressed in an expensive suit.  No, that’s not right.  He’s not old.  He just has white hair?  He doesn’t really look old.  The man glanced over to Lily and the other boy, smiled gently at them before turning his attention to the other three men and the feral looking boy.

“You may unhand him now,” he said.

“But he might hurt us again, Sir!”

“Only because you hurt him first.  You, go get the cleaned before it festers.”  The man with the bit nodded stiffly and ran off to dress his wound.  The other two let go of the boy who immediately ran away from them.  He climbed up towards the rafters and watched them warily, hunching his body further and further inwards.

“My name is Marin, children,” he said.  “And today will be the first day of the rest of your real lives.”


Well, that went well.  We’ve learned the Boone was a feral child.  Lily was a scared child and Ambrož?  Well, this snippet wasn’t necessarily about Ambrož.



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