Writing 101: Day 10 – Updates

The prompt

I don’t drink coffee.

However, I will have a nice cup of chai tea latte with you.  Yes, I understand that essentially I am saying tea tea latte.  That’s how we Americans roll.  We repeat words unnecessarily sometimes.

Anyway, back to our chai.

From now till the end of the year will be fast and furious for me with sending out referral agreements, internal staff trainings, prepping for the state and county audits, an event, well you get the picture. It’s busy and I know that everyone is busy and it’s not just me. Summer seems slower and I’m not sure why.

We’ll be undergoing our fourth round of IVF treatment soon.  I’m neither excited nor disappointed by this.  I am just…zen about it I guess.  Ask me when the injections start.  Nothing seems real until then.  Fun sad fact:  Tadpole would’ve been three months.  I could quite possibly still be numb to this fact.  Or I may have accepted it and moved on.  I’m not quite sure.

There’s other stuff going on but I don’t want to drag you into that silly drama.  I don’t want to bring him up.  (Mark the time!)

Anyway, I’ve blathered on enough.  What about you?


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