Day 11 – Writing 101: Writing and Not Writing

Honestly, I think I didn’t do *any* blog writing this weekend.  I did, however, write several articles, most of which were accepted.  I’m waiting on a couple, but that’s normal.

So, what do I do when I’m not writing?

I’m working, of course.  Living my life.  Practicing yoga – which I love doing, by the way.  I can honestly say that since I’ve started doing yoga on the regular my headaches and migraines have been few and far between. When the truly cold weather hits, I hope to keep up my yoga practice.  I also walk a lot.  I try to get between two to three miles in a day before work.  It’s been helpful for my diabetes and damn, it just makes me feel better…much like the yoga.  I *tried* running.  I discovered that my feet just do not like it.  I can’t stand being in pain, I mean, who does really?  Pain.  Not my friend.

Huh, look at that.  I’m also supposed to reach out to another blogger for an interview?  *Oh, dear.*  I’m not entirely sure I have enough self-confidence to do something like that.  I’ll skip it for the time being.



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