StaDA September 2015: Mysterious Familes

The prompt for September 18.

Holy crap on a stick.

I’m behind.

I’m sorry.

Marin didn’t anticipate on finding his next potential thief-in-training among this band of ragtag, dead-eyed people.  But there she was; sharp-eyed and trying to blend in.  She was the anomaly among them.  Marin caught her eye and he smiled, his best friendliest smile.  She shrank back, disappearing among the others, wispy girl fading to nothing amongst rags.

Marin watched as they passed by, some clumsy and stupid enough to try and pick his pocket.  They did not last long enough before they stumbled back in wordless pain.  He flashed them a shark smile, before melting back into the shadows himself. Oh, yes, he thought, she will do quite nicely.  Marin then turned his thoughts on acquiring the small child for his own gang of put-together thieves.


There’s more to this, but neither Marin nor Lily is willing to tell me about it right now.


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