Writing 101, Day 12: Playing with word count

Oh, Charlie.

Word counts.

Seriously?  Pushing for more words?


Okay, let’s see what I can do.

I’ve been doing freelancing for the better part of three weeks.  No, I’m not getting paid big money – who really does in the beginning stages of freelancing – but I am having a good time researching for each article.  I can tell you the proper use of a warm-air humidifier or  the ins and outs of Columbia jackets – though, I’ve been told that the link doesn’t work.  I don’t know why, it just doesn’t.  I’d link my other works, but technically they don’t belong to me anymore and I have no byline.


I can tell you that there seems to be some happening stuff in Arizona.  There’s this really tall park with a man-made fountain that spouts green water during St. Patrick’s Day, because of course it does and there’s this really large Renaissance Festival that’s gearing up to go early next year.  I’ve also discovered that I really want to visit Houston, Chicago, Denver, St. Maarten, Dublin, and perhaps Miami.  I’ve learned about emergency locksmith services  – again in Arizona; Brazilian authors; the GMAT – which I’m never doing, thanks so much – Idaho boarding schools (I’m kind of proud of that one article.  I pulled every neurological muscle I could getting that one written.); sunrooms; and pumpkin patches in Texas.

I don’t quite relish writing the next article I have on board.  I don’t think I should say much about it since you know, I haven’t written it, but I have done much research on it.


I’ll post it if it gets accepted.


This particular website is a stickler.  But I think it is making me a better writer. Hopefully.

I’ve also discovered that some people like the one space after a period rather than the two spaces after a period.  I didn’t know it was a thing until someone pointed it out to me.  The rules of language are changing, I suppose the rules of grammar has to keep up with it or risk becoming Latin.

(Did that last sentence make any sense at all?  I’m guessing no.)

Anyway, I’m currently committing the tremendous sin of word stuffing.  You can probably guess what goes on in word stuffing.  🙂


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