StaDA September 2015: Genre Jump Challenge

The prompt

Before I go leaping (nudge, nudge) I want to say that genre jump is a classic in improv games and while I may not have been a constant performer (Hello, shyness!) I was quite excited to try another genre in writing.  But then I thought, I’m okay with different genres.  I could write a romance (and have started an epic fantasy romance in the past); I could write creative non-fiction (that was my concentration in college); I could write horror (and have several times), so what genre am I going for now?

I’ve got no idea.

Mystery?  Humor?  Er…okay.  I’ll try, I suppose.

“Little Lion,” his mother called.  “Little Lion, where are you?”  She cocked her head, listening carefully for her mischievous little son.  She heard shuffling and stifled giggling coming from inside the kitchen cabinet.  She smiled.  “Little Lion, come out, come out!  It’s time for lunch!”  More giggling but no movement.  “Oh, no,” she said in an exaggerated voice.  “What am I going to do?  I always eat lunch with my Little Lion.  I’ll be sooo sad with him.”

She finally heard rustling and the soft squeak of the cabinet dooring opening.

“Here I am, Mama!” cried out her little boy.  He ran felt pelt at her, arms wide open as he threw himself at his mother.  “You don’t need to be sad anymore!  I’ve come back from my grand adventure!”

“Oh!  I’m so happy that my Little Lion has come back safe and sound from his grand adventure,” she said, sweeping him up and setting him on her hip.  “Tell me about it,” she said as she went about fixing their lunch.


Now, while not being explicitly of a different genre, I tried.

The bigger question is, who is this scene between?  Boone and his mother?  Or Ambrož and his own mother?  Perhaps, neither.  Perhaps, it is between this mysterious Marin and his own mother.


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