StaDA September 2015: The Attic

Apparently, I missed yesterday prompt.  It never go to me.


I found it now.

Lily found the attic door, wide open.  She glanced behind and shut the door behind her as she quietly climbed the steps.  Her hand fumbled for the light switch, brushing away cobwebs.  Lily’s eyes surveyed the room, filled with dusty boxes.  The nearest to her was labeled photographs. She pulled the lid off and ran her hands lightly over the crumbling pictures.  She settled on one, of a young woman in profile. Lily squinted, thinking that she looked like the young woman in the picture.  Flipping it over she saw the name Violet August.

What a beautiful name.

She peered at the photograph longingly, wondering if she really was related to the woman in the picture.  She set it aside and began looking for more, unaware of the squeak of the stairs.


I worked backward.  The picture can be found here and I wrote the half-drabble here.


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