StaDA September 2015: Three Micro Stories

the prompt

Three micro stories, huh?

In her youth, Lily’s great-grandmother had an eye for adventure.  At just 4’8″, Violet had a way of sweet-talking to anyone she set her sights on.  And when she turned her eyes towards James August, all was lost for the young man.  She smiled and beckoned.  James August froze and followed her to the ends of the earth.

Based on this picture.


Ambrož’s mother looked very innocent in her wedding picture.  Her perfect wedding veil sitting atop her perfectly parted dark blonde hair.  She was biting back a smile and was losing as she caught sight of her husband behind the photographer.  This was her wedding day and she wanted everyone to know her joy.

Base on this picture.


The shutter clicked, capturing the little boy with missing front teeth forever.  His bright ginger hair and a smattering of freckles lost to black and white film.  No matter, thought the boy’s father, I still have my son.  “Come on, Jimmy.  Let’s go home, okay?”

“Okay, Papa,” cried the little boy, taking his father’s hand.

Based on this picture.


Three guesses on who Jimmy is.


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