Missing Prompts (Updated…Yah?)

Okay, through my stellar investigation skills I’ve discovered that I am missing these Story a Day prompts:

and these Writing 101 prompts

  • How was your writing 101 experience?
  • Day 20, The future
  • Day 19, Feature a guest
  • Day 18, A map as your muse
  • Day 17, Mine Your Own Material
  • Day 16, Search your stats for a post idea
  • Day 15, Take a cue from your readers
  • Day 14, Recreate a Single Day
  • Day 13, Compose a Series of Vinettes



I don’t know why I missed these prompts.  They weren’t in my inbox.  I have also noticed that some of these prompts were late coming in.  I’m not blaming anyone, it’s just an observation.

Okay, onwards and upwards.

Ambrož, Lily, Boone, and Marin won’t write themselves.


7 thoughts on “Missing Prompts (Updated…Yah?)

  1. Eventually I had to stop doing prompts. The stories were getting longer and more complicated and I kept missing deadlines until it became a necessity to just focus on one story for a month before moving on.


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