Of Really, Really Short Hiatuses

And when I mean short hiatuses, I mean like, a week.

I can’t cope right now.

I have a deadline staring at me in the face and it’s wigging me out a little.

Oh, and I’m seriously contemplating doing Nanowrimo this year.  I have a lot of material to work into a story…and I think I need some sort of imposed structure to get me to finish it.

Talk me out of it.

Or talk me into it, if you’re feeling wiley.

See you next Tuesday.



3 thoughts on “Of Really, Really Short Hiatuses

  1. Have fun! Don’t forget to breathe. Have a cookie in my name, and I’ll raise a glass of milk to your success. 🙂

    I don’t do nanowrimo anymore personally. I found that, for all that I managed to write 60,000 words, I didn’t keep any of them, in the end. Working at my own pace nets me better output with half the stress. BUT! Do give it a go yourself. I know it works differently for different people.

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      1. The year I did it, Alex and I made a promise to ourselves that we’d finish early so that we could spend the rest of the month viewing the fall leaves. We finished on the 15th, but then I got sick, and was sick for the rest of the month, so I couldn’t go out, but I bought a DLC for one of my games as a consolation prize and didn’t go back to writing for four more months. 😛


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