Missing Prompt, September 8

Honestly, do I need to go back and explain myself?



List of Missing Prompts

Tension Tuesday

The Prompt

Write a short story of conflict between two people, protagonist and antagonist.

Ambrož smiled politely at Marin.  He had no reason to remain behind after Marin’s big rousing speech, but yet there he sat, sipping his cooling tea and waiting to see what would happen next.  Marin looked tired, Ambrož decided.  His eyes were drooping, from lack of sleep or something else, Ambrož couldn’t tell.  Marin’s usually impeccable clothes were wrinkled, stained with food, and looked shabby and worn in places.  Wrinkles and other care lines were ground deeply into his usually smooth face.  And if Ambrož was right, he could have sworn that Marin’s voice wobbled a little during the speech.  Ambrož noted, Marin’s sidelong glances at Boone while he was giving the speech, a spark of fright in his eyes before facing the crowd again.  There was a slight tremble that did not come from age but from fright. of something or someone.  An uncertain air hung about him as if he questioned everything now and needed someone to guide him.

This wasn’t just a man past his prime, hurtling head first in third stage, but this was a man who was deeply frightened of something.

Or someone, Ambrož decided.

He kept his demeanor light and nonchalant when Marin caught his eye.  Ambrož smiled, raising his cup towards the older man.

“Ambrož,” Marin boomed.  “I didn’t know if you would actually come!”

Ambrož laughed and rose to meet the man.  “I was persuaded.”

“Ah, yes, by the lovely Lily.  You always did have a soft spot for her,” Marin said.

Ambrož carefully kept his emotions off his face.  “That was a lovely speech you gave,” he said instead.  “Very rousing.”

Marin smiled.  “Do you think so?  Yes, it was good to get back on the horse, so to speak.  I do hope everything else liked it.”

Ambrož smiled carefully, a thought tickling him.

“I do hope you’ll stay after the job is done.  I do miss you here.  And I know Boone does as well.”

“Does he now?” Ambrož said, not able to stop himself.

“Oh, yes.  He tells me daily.  It’s almost embarrassing if I didn’t know better,” Marin went on.  Ambrož could only blink.  “But you don’t want me to prattle on about Boone’s musings.”  As Marin spoke on, Ambrož’s uneasiness started to climb. Something was wrong.  Something was very, very wrong.


Hmmm, it looks like it’s taking another direction.



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