Missing Prompt, September 16

September 16 – The Widower

List of Missing Prompts

The Prompt

They had been married sixty years. She always did the cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning around the house. He has just returned home after the funeral and finds himself alone to figure it all out for himself.

James August quietly shut the door of their home.  No, he thought, my home now. Violet is gone.  He wandered from room to room, picking up things, only to set them back down again.  He touched their wedding picture.  She was so beautiful and ethereal on that day.  James knew that he would do anything for his Violet.  He would walk the earth for her.  He would pull down the sun for her.  He would stop time for her.

But he couldn’t stop time.  He couldn’t stop the car from hitting her.  He couldn’t stop her life as it drained out of her body.

What would he do now that she was gone?  How would he survive?


Oh, goody, I just made myself sad in this snippet.

James and Violet appeared here, Micro Stories.


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