Missing Prompt, September 19

Missing Prompts

September 19 – Pop Culture Crush

The Prompt

 Write a story about your favorite pop culture icon or your favorite time period.



Before I jump into this, let me just say that I’ve received a lot of fucking flack for admitting that I’ve written and read fanfiction.  It’s one of the reasons why I don’t tell many people that I am a writer.  Fanfiction gets a person laughed at, ridiculed endlessly and not taken seriously.

If I could travel back in time and tell that person, I’d tell that person to shut the fuck up.

*cracks knuckles*

Then I’d think about punching that person, really, really fucking hard.


Where was I?

Right.  The prompt…which doesn’t really fit in with the rest of what I’m building actually.  But I suppose that shouldn’t stop me from at least trying, right?


So….while poking around I did find something that I suppose I jotted down last year whenever Peter Capaldi took over the Doctor.  Yes, I’m going Doctor Who. Feel free to skip.  I had an idea that the Doctor – all the Doctors – somehow disappeared from the timeline and the companions – most or all of them – would have to go find their Doctor.  Some would team up, others would remain solitary.

Anyway, enough.  Here’s what I wrote.

“Stay put!  I’ll be right back,” the Doctor said sternly before leaving Clara on the TARDIS.  “It shouldn’t take me long to get what I need.”

Clara just merely rolled her eyes as the door slammed shut.  “‘Stay put,’ he says,” Clara said mimicking the Doctor’s Scottish accent and putting on a very grumpy face.  She sat on his favorite chair, idly looking at the books on his shelf.  When she grew bored of this, Clara went to the door and peered outside.  

Clara was never one to wait around patiently, even on this version of Earth where gravity was mysteriously cut by a fourth.  Everyone on this version of Earth ran everywhere and jumped leaps and bounds over everything.  While fun at first, Clara eventually grew tired and sat (im)patiently by the TARDIS.  

“He’s always hurry hurry hurry but when he’s the one who isn’t waiting, it’s always the longest time ever,” Clara said, continuing to grumble.

The TARDIS was being particularly stubborn today and wouldn’t allow Clara back inside without the Doctor.  So, it was surprising when the TARDIS doors suddenly opened and Clara fell backwards.

“Hey!” Clara grumbled, mumbling something along the lines of “stupid cow,” before gathering herself and stepping into the TARDIS.  Immediately, the doors slammed shut and with the familiar whoosh, the TARDIS began to take off.  

Clara jumped up.  “What a minute!  What about the Doctor!” Clara yelled and went to open the doors.  She was surprised when the doors wouldn’t budge.  “What’s going on?”  The journey was particularly jarring and threw Clara around.  She finally found herself on floor, clinging to railing while the ship flipped end over end. For what seemed like an eternity (and really it might have been, you never know with time travel) Clara found herself shouting at the TARDIS to stop when it suddenly did, knocking the breath right out of her.  The silence was deeply unsettling.  The familiar hum of the TARDIS was absent and a faint smell of burning came from somewhere under the console.  

“What is going on?” Clara demanded as she pulled herself to her feet.  She gingerly approached the console, afraid that it might catch fire.  When the smell dissipated, Clara felt that vague sense of unease turn into full blown anxiety.  “Where is the Doctor?” she demanded the TARDIS.  The TARDIS, of course, remained silent to her questions.  The only indication that she heard Clara was the opening of the doors.  Clara bewildered, slowly stepped outside and into a vast and dark space. “This is familiar,” Clara said, uneasily as she stepped gingerly outside.  “Doctor?  Doctor, are you here?”  The doors to the TARDIS closed shut again and before Clara could do anything, it had disappeared, leaving Clara stranded and alone.

“What is going on?” Clara asked again as she started shaking.  “Doctor?”


Blah, blah, blah.  Fine.  There.

Now, leave me alone.


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