Missing Prompts, September 21 – Running Away

Slowly, but surely, I’m plowing through my missing prompts.

September 21 – Running Away

Lily had had enough.  She wasn’t going to keep waiting around for those in charge to notice her abilities.  She was going to go forge her own way, with or without help from her so-called friends.  Lily was going to prove to them that she could be just as good as them, if not better.  She filled her small bag with what belongings she did have and proceeded to march out the door.

Once she got to the door, however, she found it locked from the outside.  She twisted and turned it futilely but couldn’t budge it.  Tears of frustration streamed down her face.  Lily sat down, her back against the door and let herself cry out. After crying the last of her tears, she began plotting.

They must be watching me even in here, she thought.  I have to keep them thinking that I’m upset and defeated. No more.  They will have me no more.


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