Missing Prompts, September 25

Missing Prompts

September 25 – Friday Favorites

The Prompt

Write a story that revolves around a character with a ‘fatal flaw’ who, as a result, commits a fatal error that has a tragic result. Use a frame story to reinforce the flaw.

Well, a character flaw that could have tragic results. That seems like it’s going to up Ambrož’s alley.

Sorry, Ambrož. You’ve got to go through the ringer sometimes.


“Ambrož, if you continue down this path, people will die and you know it,” Lily said, the desperation rising in her voice.  Ambrož didn’t answer, instead his gaze looked right through her.  She shivered, pulling her sweater tighter around her shoulders.   “Ambrož.  Ambrož do you hear me?  Do you understand?”

Ambrož only smiled and gently took her hands away from his shoulders and walked out of the room.  Lily could only look after him as he walked away from her.  Lily shut her eyes, wishing she could turn back time.  As Ambrož walked away from Lily all he could think about was the revenge that was so close to his grasp.  He could finally feel like himself again after so many years.  He didn’t care who are what got in his way, he was going to kill Marin.

Lily had to do something.  She didn’t know when Ambrož lost himself so completely and utterly, but this wasn’t something she needed to dwell on right now.  She couldn’t turn to Boone, he would be of no help and Marin was not in his right mind to take anything seriously.  No, this would have to be up to her.


I’m sorry to leave it at that, but you know…I’m plotless right now.


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