A scene and Others

The girl, no woman stands on the sidewalk, book in hand in front of her car.  She’s cracked it open and is reading the first few pages, deciding on the fate of the book in her hands.  The sky is remarkably blue, crisp, and clear – very unusual for the month of November.  The wind further dishevels the unruly hair on her head and flutters the scarf around her neck.  She pays it no mind, continuing to read.

She is smartly dressed, with black pants and a neatly pressed green button down shirt with a black scarf draped around her neck.


Damn, you know I thought I had more.  But I was wrong.


I have got to get back into a regular writing schedule.  This haphazard writing thing must stop.  It’s driving me a little batty.  So, I’m going to sit myself down – with hopefully no distractions – and figure out a writing schedule.

Well, at least for the blog.

Happy Friday, y’all.




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