Blogging 201: Audit Your Brand

Audit your brand?!?!?



Okay, so I suppose this is something that I knew would be coming my way when I signed up for this.  I knew it and went ahead and did it anyway.  So, like in everything else, I’ll f’ing do it anyway.

I haven’t quite yet used this blog as a “springboard for other projects.” Well, no, I suppose I have actually.  I’ve written fiction pieces for the blog, but I haven’t really linked up the paid (non-fiction) pieces.  I haven’t come out of my shell yet.

And besides, I’m not really promoting anything.  (Though, I know there are some you going NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  YOU ARE A BRAND!!!!)

To which I will say…nothing.  I’ll say nothing, and I’ll shudder.

Saying that I have a brand seems so…not me.  What you see it what you get.

My husband and I binged the last four episodes of Jessica Jones the other day (Brilliant series.  Brutal.  Groundbreaking.  I will never ever watch it again.)  Jessica never hid who she was…nor did she advertise who she was or is.  I suspect that she’s not the type of person to advertise other than the phone book.

Where am I going?  I’m not comfortable with “branding.”

That being said, for the assignment, I need to “audit my brand,” from the header image, background color, widgets, etc.  A strong brand, the assignment says

creates an emotinal connection with readers.

Okay, I get that.  I really do.  Forgive me though if I come across as cranky. I probably am.  If you haven’t noticed, I like changing up the layout from time to time.  As I’ve said before this is my journal, online.  And as I finish a paper journal, I pick up a new journal that is different from my previous journal.  Hence, the design changes.

Is it part of good content?  I suppose.  My brand is my words; unvarnished and generally from the heart.  I don’t know what else I can do with it.  I’m not selling anything, just presenting a different point of view.  That’s all.

Hmm, so let’s take a look at the checklist, shall we?

Here’s a checklist to get you going:

Pro tip: head to the Commons to pair up with another blogger so you can audit one another’s sites — nothing is better for finding inconsistencies and improvements than a fresh pair of eyes!

I like my theme.  It seems clean and isn’t fussy.  It makes it easier to read…so I’ve read.  I generally prefer white script on a dark background. It’s easier on my eyes.

I also like my tagline: “Wait, wait, I’m not finished.”  It makes me smile and is indicative of what I’m thinking before I hit publish.  (By the way, if I don’t force myself to hit publish, I never would.)  I suppose I could work on my post titles.


I try only to use images that I took.  That doesn’t work out most of the time.  I don’t usually use other pictures. I will sometimes.  Again, it’s neither here nor there.

Okay, let’s just get one thing straight here.  I sincerely do not want to set up a facebook page for the blog.  My twitter is linked to the blog, and if I really, really wanted to, I suppose I could link up my Pinterest and Instagram.  I did have my Instagram stream for a while here, but then I saw my face staring at me, and it sorta wigged me out.

(Hey, on a side note, I suppose I am willing to pair up with another blogger to audit your brand.  No big deal though if it doesn’t happen.  I’m busy enough as is.)

I already updated my header page.  That’s all I’m willing to do right now.


Okay, okay, okay.  I’ll take a look at re-customizing the blog.

There are you happy?



2 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Audit Your Brand

    1. Seriously. I don’t *know* what my brand is. My brand is…”Personal”? “Folksy-ish?” “Cranky”? “Unknown”? Personal blogs don’t have a brand, I think. It’s life. Unless “life” is a brand, of course. I’m sure it’s someone’s brand.

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