Blogging 201:Day Four-Give ‘Em What They Want

By the way,  I still think my design is pretty awesome.  Plus, I’ve “lived” with it for quite some time.  Perhaps, I’ll change it up once the new year arrives.

We’ll see.

So, today’s assignment has me doing a basic stats analysis that will help me create an editorial calendar for the next month.

Okay.  So, I’m going to get a bit cranky.  Just so you’re warned.

I don’t particularly care which posts and topics are popular.  I just don’t. It makes me feel like I’m back in junior high school trying to figure out how the popular kids got to be popular.  Or, more recently, why people on Tumblr just didn’t seem to like me.

Trust me.  I know.

Anyway…I do like knowing which day of the week there are more visitors. It won’t stop me from posting every day…because, I’m an adult and I’ll do what I want to do.  Miss a really great post that I wrote?  Oh, well.  Sucks to be me.

It’s not that I don’t care about my readers, it’s just that…it feels like I’m trying to be someone else.  And that someone else is doing something that the real me doesn’t like doing.  I got into blogging because I’m an introspective navel-gazer and I wanted to post.  That’s it.  I have nothing to sell – unless, you want me to write you some really awesome posts about my city…or need some content for your blog.  If that’s what you want, then I’m your girl.

Content blogging, ahead!



Anyway, I suppose I’ll look into this whole editorial calendar thing and maybe, just maybe develop some sort of…schedule.





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